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Stephanie Wyatt

Lead Investigator & Genetic Genealogist

Licensed Private Investigator Stephanie Wyatt has found the impossible for more than 1,000 adoptees and Does over the past 10 years.


Wyatt began working with adoptees more than a decade ago after seeking her father's biological roots. With laws stacked against adoptees in many states at the time, Wyatt learned to work with the limited data available through non-identifying information to locate birth parents across the United States and around the globe. 

Once autosomal DNA testing became available, Wyatt immediately began learning how to use this incredible tool to identify biological relatives for adoptees. Success came quickly and Wyatt solved case after case using the limited pool of genetic relatives in the 23andMe's database. The relative pool has quickly grown as more companies offer genetic testing and the public is more aware of this amazing tool. 

Wyatt has worked with police departments and labs to identify John and Jane Does, stolen babies, foundlings and adoptees across the world. For more information on how Wyatt and Private Investigations and Genetic Genealogy can help you, please contact us today! 

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